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Good Advice

Good Advice is an album for the little kids, full of fun and important Bible stories. But grownups tell us they like it too!

This collection of songs is great for laying a biblical foundation in the hearts of your children, as well as your own.

Bonus! Download three short songs from this album: Cain and Abel | I Crossed My Eyes | A Gentle Answer

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In the Beginning

(Gen 1)
© Jamie Soles 1996


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

On day number one He made the day and night
The daytime was created when God said "Let there be light!"
On day number two the Lord God made the sky
With waters above and with waters below
And in the middle it was dry

In the beginning....

On day number three He made dry land appear
He gathered the waters into one place
And grass and trees appeared
On day number four He made the heavenly lights
The greater one to rule the day
And the lesser to rule the night

In the beginning....

On day number five He made the fish and birds
And great sea creatures of the deep
God made with just His Word
On day number six He made the creatures of the earth
But man was made in the image of God
From the dust God gave him birth

In the beginning....

On the seventh day when all was done
God rested from the work He'd done
"It's all very good!" ...we heard Him speak
Now tell me what you've done this week!

In the beginning....

Adam and Eve

(Gen 2–3)
© Jamie Soles 1995


Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve
The very first people that the world's ever seen
Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve
Were made in the image of God

Now Adam he was the first one around
God made him from the dust of the ground
He gave him a job and He gave him his life
But he didn't yet have a wife

Now it wasn't good for Adam to be
All alone in the garden you see
So God put Adam in a real deep sleep
He didn't even need to count sheep

God took a rib from Adam's side
He formed it real nice and He made him a bride
When Adam awoke he was real pleased
That's how the Lord made Eve

Adam and Eve....

The Garden of Eden

(Gen 3:22–24)
© Jamie Soles 1996


Adam and Eve, they had to leave
The most beautiful place in the world
They disobeyed the law God had made
And they could not stay in that place
And though they were sorry it couldn't be changed
And though they were covered a problem remained

For the garden of Eden was guarded by an angel
With a flaming sword in his hand
God in His mercy has kept us
From eating from the tree of life
Till we were forgiven of our sin

All those who sin now have to die
Only in Jesus are we made alive
And if you would know Him you must die too
So Jesus can live in you

Rejoice and be thankful that God is so wise
He made us and saved us and gave us new lives

For the garden of Eden was guarded by an angel....

Cain and Abel

(Gen 4:1–8)
© Jamie Soles 1996

Cain and Abel sittin' at the table
One was happy and the other was mad
Abel made a sacrifice pleasing to the Lord
But Cain was very bad

The Lord said "Cain, what's the matter with you?
If you do what's right, I'll be happy with you."
But Cain wouldn't listen; he just frowned
Then he spilled his brother's blood on the ground

Cain was a murderer but so are you
If you hate your brother in your heart it's true
So be like Abel, who trusted the Lord
And not like a man named Cain

Judgment Day

(Ps 51)
© Jamie Soles May 1 1996


Abraham woke up one morning long ago
He sniffed the air..."Something's burning, I had better go!"
He stepped outside his tent and saw
The smoke was rising high
From the valley down below

Just yesterday he had spoken with the Lord most high
And asked of Him if He would let the righteous die
God said "If there's ten men left
Who have not turned away
For their sake these towns can stay."

But alas, there was just one good man to be found
God took him and his family and rushed them out of town
When morning broke the skies awoke
And the fire of God came down
Burned those cities to the ground

Don't you see what a difference being a Christian makes
Many who should be dead are living for our sakes
And God has given us the word
By which they must be saved
Before they reach their judgement day
God has given us the word
By which they must be saved
Before they reach their judgement day

The Patriarch Song

© Jamie Soles 1996


What were the names of the patriarchs
Can you tell me please?
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were
The names of the first three
Jacob had twelve sons
And their names were these;

Reuben, Simeon,
Levi and Judah,
Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher,
Issachar and Zebulun and Joseph and Benjamin
These were the patriarchs.


(Ex 15:22–27)
© Jamie Soles 1996


There at Marah where the water was bitter
The people got bitter too
They said "Give us better water
Than this bitter bitter water!"
They grumbled and complained all day

“We don't like manna!
We want new shoes!”
How they pouted, sulked and whined
But if they would have trusted the Lord their God
Then things would have been just fine

What do you think that the Lord will think
When He hears your voice today?
Thankful trust or angry lust
As you grumble and complain all day

So learn a lesson from the Israelites
Let your words be sweet today
You will wander in the desert UNTIL YOU'RE DEAD!
If you grumble and complain all day!

Set a Guard

(Ps 141:3)
© Jamie Soles 1995


Set a guard oh Lord over my mouth
Keep watch over the door of my lips
Set a guard oh Lord over my mouth
Keep watch over the door of my lips
Psalm one hundred forty one verse three

Do you ever say things you shouldn't
Being hurtful and unkind
Guarding your tongue is an urgent thing
Pray this prayer in your mind

Set a guard oh Lord....

Good Advice

(Ex 18)
© Jamie Soles 1996


Moses, he was busy busy busy all day; he was judging,
He would listen what the people would say
And he would judge them
But they had to stand around all day and wait for Moses
Who was busy busy busy busy busy busy busy all day

Jethro, he was Moses father-in-law
Came to visit, and I'll tell you what he saw
He saw Moses, and a line a mile long
Of the people
Waitin' for their turn to come

So he said "Son, I've got some good advice for you
Listen up, this will make it nice for you
Use your people, 'cause they've got wisdom too
And they love the Lord just like you."

Do you have a big job on the shelf
Don't you worry, you don't have to do it yourself
Co-operation is the way you spell relief
From frustration; you can
Save yourself a whole lotta whole lotta whole lotta grief

I've got some good advice for you....

I Crossed My Eyes

© Jamie Soles 1995

I crossed my eyes what did I see
First you had two eyes and then you had three
I shook my head and crossed them some more
Lo and behold, now you have four!

Nadab and Abihu

(Lev 10:1–2)
© Jamie Soles 1995


Nadab and Abihu offered strange fire
On their censers before the Lord
They were disobedient
God sent His fire
And they died before the Lord
They were disobedient
God sent His fire
And they died before the Lord

Nadab and Abihu....


© Jamie Soles 1996


Rahab was a lady whose life had not been good
She did the things she should not do
And did not what she should
You'd think the Lord would hate her
And turn His face away
But listen what the Lord did say...

By faith Rahab hid the spies
Up upon the rooftop away from people's eyes
For she had a change of mind
Jesus left her past behind

Do you know of others whose ways to you seem odd
Who just have time to serve themselves
And never think of God?
Maybe they're like Rahab before she met the King
Jesus changes everything

By faith Rahab hid the spies....

And that's not all!
By faith You can do what's right
Doing what is pleasing in the Father's sight
When you have a change of mind
Jesus leaves your past behind
Jesus leaves your past behind

Sin in the Camp

(Josh 7)
© Jamie Soles 1996


Israel fought at Ai
Israel got beat
All because of Achan's sin
They went down to defeat

Get rid of the sin in the camp
Get rid of the sin in the camp
For then you'll win the fight
Yes then you'll win the fight

Are you hiding something
Have you made it right
Make sure you confess your sin
Before you sleep tonight

Get rid of the sin in the camp....

Hope in the Lord

(Ps 131)
© Jamie Soles Oct 1995


Surely I am calmed and quiet
Like a child in his mother's arms
Like a child my soul is still within
Lord my heart is humble before You
I do not presume to see
I will seek what You have revealed
Not the things too deep for me

Oh-h Israel
Hope in the Lord, hope in the Lord
Now and forevermore
Hope in the Lord, hope in the Lord

A Gentle Answer

(Prov 15:1)
© Jamie Soles 1995

A gentle answer will calm a person's anger
But an unkind answer will cause more anger
Proverbs chapter fifteen verse one

Books of the Bible

© Jamie Soles 1995


Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers
Joshua Judges Ruth
First and Second Samuel, First and Second Kings
First and Second Chronicles
And Ezra wrote these things
Nehemiah, Esther, Job
Psalms and Proverbs
Ecclesiasties and Song of Solomon
Isaiah, Jeremiah
Lamentations and Ezekiel
Daniel, Hosea
Joel, Amos, Obadiah
Jonah, Micah, Nahum
Habakkuk and Zephaniah
Haggai, Zachariah and Malachi is the end

Matthew, Mark, and Luke and John
Acts is next, we've just begun
Romans is a book for you
First and Second Corinthians too
Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians
Thessalonians One and Two
Then two Timothys and a Titus too
Philemon, Hebrews
Then there's James, God's Word to you
Peter twice, and three of John
Jude is next, we're almost done
Revelation ends the song

1) Let's go back and see if we got any wrong!
2) Now we know that we didn't get anything wrong!

Low in the Grave He Lay

Robert Lowry (1826–1899)


Low in the grave He lay
Jesus my Savior
Waiting the coming day
Jesus my Lord

Up from the grave He arose
With a mighty triumph o'er His foes
He arose the victor from the dark domain
And He lives forever with His saints to reign
He arose!
He arose!
Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Vainly they watch His bed
Jesus my Savior
Vainly they seal the dead
Jesus my Lord

Up from the grave He arose....

Death could not keep its prey
Jesus my Savior
He tore the bars away
Jesus my Lord

Up from the grave He arose....

Paul and Silas

© Jamie Soles 1996


Paul and Silas were thrown into the jail
Into the dungeon for preaching Jesus' Name
But did they grumble, did they complain
No, No, No, No, instead they sang!

They sang a hymn at midnight with shackles on their hands
When suddenly they shook and shook
An earthquake shook the land
The shackles that had bound them
Fell down to the ground
And Paul and Silas got up and walked around

But then they saw the jailer all trembling with fright
They shouted out "Hey, we're all here!"
And he called for a light
That day the Lord had mercy
Set Paul and Silas free
And saved that jailer and his family

So when you're facing trouble and your heart seems to fail
Remember Paul and Silas singing in the jail
The Lord will surely help you
When on His Name you call
And use your troubles to help us one and all

Praise Him, Praise Him

Fanny Crosy, 1820–1915


Praise Him, praise Him,
Jesus our blessed redeemer
Sing oh earth His wonderful love proclaim
Hail Him hail Him highest archangels in glory
Strength and honor give to His holy name
Like a shepherd Jesus will guard His children
In His arms He carries them all day long

Praise Him, praise Him
Tell of His excellent greatness
Praise Him, praise Him
Ever in joyful song

Praise Him, praise Him,
Jesus our blessed redeemer
For our sins He suffered and bled and died
He our rock, our hope of eternal salvation
Hail Him, hail Him!
Jesus the crucified
Sound His praises!
Jesus who bore our sorrows
Love unbounded, wonderful, deep and strong

Praise Him, praise Him....

Praise Him, praise Him, Jesus our blessed redeemer
Heav'nly portals loud with hosannas ring
Jesus, Savior, reigneth forever and ever
Crown Him, crown Him, prophet and priest and king!
Christ is coming! over the world victorious
Pow'r and glory unto the Lord belong

Praise Him, praise Him....

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